Pipe organ building, repair, restoration, maintenance, tuning, appraisals, education and historic preservation by experienced professionals providing exemplary service.

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Leek Pipe Organ Company is a three generation firm located in Oberlin, Ohio and serving churches in the United States including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland etc. Our firm's family history also includes serving churches in the Netherlands. The training and background of our staff is informed by the skill and expertise of international organ builders.

It is our mission to help preserve and advance the magnificent musical, artistic and spiritual legacy of pipe organs and the sacred music composed for its use throughout the ages. We strive to provide exemplary service in pipe organ building, repair, restoration, tuning, education and consultation.

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Our Approach

  • Protect your pipe organ investment. As curators of their instruments, our clients entrust us with regular maintenance. We keep them informed of evolving preservation and functional needs of their pipe organs, protecting the investment and musical value of each unique pipe organ we serve.
  • We are a full service firm able to serve any location in the country. Whether it is a concern of user-friendliness, structural integrity, or artistic beauty, the different yet complimentary backgrounds, skills, and expertise of our staff enables us to assist you with any of your pipe organ needs.
  • We specialize in restoration and service of historic pipe organs. Additionally we offer a broad range of services that can effectively modernize older instruments using current industry standard pipe organ technology. We strike a fine balance integrating technology to improve the reliability and functionality and maintaining the historical/structural integrity of the instruments.
  • Our client list includes Catholic, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist churches giving us a broad perspective of each congregation's administrative structure and specific musical and liturgical practices.
  • Members of our staff frequently go above and beyond the call of duty to educate and inform our clients of the unique features and curatorial needs of their pipe organ.
  • We take great pride in providing a quick and personalized response to emergency calls.
  • Our small size enables us to be responsive to our customers. As a result, we often pass on significant cost savings to our customers. We have a record of staying a 100% within budget and 100% on schedule for the restoration projects we undertake.
  • We regularly service Concert Hall Organs enabling both young and seasoned organists to advance their skill and artistry in the broader musical community.
  • Unlike other large pipe organ builders, that may pick up and leave right after a major rebuild, our firm provides ongoing service on each restoration.

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Professional Standards

Our firm complies with and strives to exceed industry accepted standards of workmanship as established by the Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America and the American Institute of Organ Builders.