"The Organ is in truth the grandest, the most daring, and the most magnificent of all instruments invented by human genius. It is a whole orchestra in itself. It can express anything in response to a skilled touch. Surely it is in some sort a pedestal on which the soul poises for a flight forth into space..."

— Honore De Balzac (French writer and Journalist. 1799-1850)

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Leek Pipe Organ Company

Leek Pipe Organ Company is a three generation family owned firm located in Berea, Ohio and serving churches across the United States including Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Kentucky etc. Our firm’s family history also includes serving churches in the Netherlands. The training and background of our staff is informed by the skill and expertise of US and global organ builders.

It is our mission to help preserve and advance the magnificent musical, artistic and spiritual legacy of pipe organs and the sacred music composed for its use throughout the ages.

We strive to provide exemplary service in pipe organ building, repair, upgrades, rebuilds, restoration, tuning, education and consultation.

Pipe Organs: A Passion, A Vocation

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What makes us unique

The Leek Philosophy

  • Perfect the Artistry
  • Respect the builder/s craftsmanship
  • Create a joyful experience of the instrument for all
  • Optimize functionality while integrating new and old
  • Care for the instrument as our own
  • Honor the history, legacy and community
  • Practice professional integrity and best industry practices
  • Responsive servant leadership

Skilled Craftsmanship

What We Offer

  • Restorations/Rebuilds/Solid State Upgrades
  • Projects completed on schedule & on budget!
  • Affordable new custom builds, Tonal additions, Repurposed builds.
  • Prompt emergency repairs and service. Tuning and voicing.
  • Cost savings on maintenance, done right the first time.
  • Cross-trained staff, fund-raising, appraisals, consultation.
  • Affordable good condition used pipe organs and organ components.
  • Efficient relocation and installation nationwide.
  • Peace of mind that your instrument is in top shape.


Leek Pipe Organ Company offers a wide variety of services, including restoration, custom builds, tuning, and pipe organs for sale. No matter what you are looking for, our expert staff will ensure that your needs are met and you are satisfied with our services!


The act of preserving the work of a past organ builder, performed by our expert staff.


Regular tuning and maintenance of your pipe organ is the best way to ensure reliability and overall preservation.

Custom Builds

A custom built organ makes the best use of the unique acoustics in your church buildings and architecture.


Browse our selection and find the perfect organ or organ components to fit your needs.

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