Tuning and Maintenance


Maintaining Value

Maintaining the Aesthetic, Musical & Investment Value — Every pipe organ is unique; our experience with and understanding of many different schools of organ building ensures that your pipe organ’s musical and investment value is never compromised.

Whether it was built one year ago or one hundred, pitched A=440 or historically variant, Equal tempered or mean-toned, our staff has the skills and discernment to provide you the best repair and maintenance service possible

While on-site, we always complete a general inspection of the instrument and, if applicable, provide a written report of items to be addressed.

When possible, major concerns are presented to available church staff, providing our customers the opportunity to act quickly to correct them.

Prompt, courteous and professional service — Though maintaining a vast service area, we make every customer our first priority. We pride ourselves on responding to emergency service calls as soon as possible and providing effective troubleshooting with the long-term result in mind. Whether we are in the shop or on the road, our staff provides quick response to your most urgent concerns.

If you would like to establish a tuning agreement or have a repair/maintenance concern, contact us at 440-775-4111 or e-mail us .

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Tuning, Repair, and Maintenance

Regular tuning and maintenance of your pipe organ is the best way to ensure reliability and overall preservation.

  • Our tuners are in the difficult task of cone tuning, tuning of reeds, tuning wood pipes and a whole host of other families of pipes that make up typical church or concert hall pipe organs.
  • Each tuning team is composed of the organ tuner and a professional organist/musician. The technical and mechanical expertise of the tuner and the musical training of the musician guarantee you the highest tuning standards in each tuning service.
  • We take the time to learn about the unique needs of each pipe organ. This organ specific knowledge enables us to provide comprehensive and efficient tuning services.


Initial and corrective voicing of organ pipes — The art and craft of voicing requires musical sensitivity and technical mastery. Organ builder James Leek has extensive experience with initial and corrective voicing. From sagging languids to lip realignment and regulation, we take care to ensure that the sounds of your pipe organ are consistent from the lowest of tones to the highest.

Restorative Voicing and Tune-ups

After years of service in a church, organ pipes and chambers accumulate dust and debris. Maintenance history may also include improper tuning practice, causing bending or unintentional re-voicing of pipes.

Our “tune-up” consists of cleaning and applicable repair and restorative voicing for each pipe of the organ.

In addition to returning the organ to a sightly state, “tune-up” restores correct form and speech to errant pipes, avoiding further problems.