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5 Incredible Historical Facts About the Pipe Organ

Today, we know pipe organs for their ability to produce an array of different sounds – Pipe organs pack in the sounds of an entire orchestra!. But until about 1500, organs could only produce one sound, no matter the number of pipes! When an inventory of Henry VIII’s estate was taken, it was learned that […]

5 Things Only Organ Performance Students Understand

The struggles of playing an instrument the size of a studio apartment… 1. You feel like the only music performance major whose instrument isn’t even remotely portable. You can’t put it in your backpack or a case or your car or even a storage room. 2. Your mom’s co-worker’s friend’s cousin is always asking you […]

4 Instagram Pipe Organ Photos that will BLOW You Away

Of course pipe organs are finely tuned instruments that are capable of complementing any piece of music, from Beethoven to Bach. Around for hundreds of years, these instruments are the backbone of parishes, concert halls, and even school music programs. However, what you may look past is the sheer beauty and size of these magnificent […]

Organ Performance Student Dreams of Film Career

Brad Vogel is an Organ Performance Major at Baldwin Wallace University. Brad was kind enough to sit down with interviewer Tessa Louche to discuss his music career. Tessa: So you’re an organ major. What is your secondary instrument? Brad: Yes, I’m an organ performance major in addition to composition. My secondary is Piano. T: What […]