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LoL Event at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Akron, OH

In celebration of their Lutheran heritage and Leek Pipe Organ Company’s renovation of the beautiful pipe organ, Akron’s Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is holding a special event, details f which are listed below. On Sunday, June 25th, come and celebrate with a day of education and music which features famous, not-so-famous, deceased and living artists […]

Top 5 YouTube Pipe Organ Performances

Featured below is a countdown of 5 amazing performances on the pipe organ! Comment below with which one was your favorite. What’s another performance that you would want to see added to this list? #5 Stewart W. Foster is playing Bach’s “Toccata Fugue in D Minor”.  Immediately upon watching him play, you can see the […]

10 Coolest Pipe Organ Covers of Modern Songs

When you think of the type of music that is played on a pipe organ, what genre of music immediately comes to mind? You are probably imagining traditional church hymns or something of the sort. But who is to say that these beautiful instruments should only play one genre of music?   You may be […]