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Organ Performance Student Dreams of Film Career

Brad Vogel is an Organ Performance Major at Baldwin Wallace University. Brad was kind enough to sit down with interviewer Tessa Louche to discuss his music career. Tessa: So you’re an organ major. What is your secondary instrument? Brad: Yes, I’m an organ performance major in addition to composition. My secondary is Piano. T: What […]

A Quick Guide to Organ Re-Leathering

Owning and playing a pipe organ is certainly a rewarding experience which allows you to produce rich and beautiful music. However, these grand instruments do take a good deal of maintenance in order to keep them in great condition and make sure that they maintain the same rich sound that they are meant to produce. […]

Why Music is an Important Part of Worship

We hear music every day – on the radio, in the grocery store, in the gym and on our phones. But what kind of music? It’s mostly background noise, catchy tunes on the top 40 list and old favorites from decades past. What do we listen to that actually means something, touches our soul? Since […]