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1973 Schantz Two manual Church Pipe Organ

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1973 Schantz Two manual Church Pipe Organ

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1954 Casavant Keyboards and couplers

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1954 Casavant Opus 2277 Pipe Organ For Sale

Built by Casavant Freres, one of the world's largest and most reputable North American Organ Builders. Casavant Pipe Organs are known for long term reliability, artistic and tonal integrity. The builders tonal philosophy and organ design practices have been crafted and perfected throughout the years by experts trained in countries with some of the best organ building traditions in the world including France, Germany, England, United States and Canada.

A perfect accompanist for a hymns and liturgy in a small to medium sized church. This workhorse of a Casavant has served its owners consistently for decades and will continue to do so for many more to come. For a recent inspection report, specifications and footprint, please click on the attachments below. Seller seeks to find a new home before the end of the year. 

This fine 16 Rank/18 Stop Casavant Pipe Organ is now within your reach financially. Please email to place a bid on this instrument. Bids become official after a written agreement is signed by both parties.

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1967 M.P Moller Artiste

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1967 M.P Moller Artiste (10 Ranks)

A classic All American unit action "double artiste" pipe organ, that has served a small Ohio congregation very well. Organ is playable. Leatherwork, pipe work, electro-mechanics, blower in good condition. Pouches, magnets and bellows are all operational. Includes 21 note Deagan Chimes and a Meidinger Blower Motor (115 volts 7 amps). Swell and Great are both under expression. One that will easily fit with stock, Oak or Mahogany casework from a different instrument. The existing framework is designed such that each Expression box can be separated easily, with minimal redesign. The organ can be split into two chambers that may be positioned on two sides of an altar. Moller Artiste's are desirable for their wider selections of stops unlike stock instruments of other builders (i.e. Hook &Hastings, Kilgen, Wicks, Reuter,Skinners ) of the same vintage. Convenient design to fit into a residence, a chapel or a church. Church is seeking $10,000 or best offer. Place an offer today and enhance your liturgical accompaniment!

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Bryan Recital Hall organ

Bowling Green State University Organ Brokerage

The four pipe organs shown below are currently available for sale from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. Contact us at to schedule a showing.

Schantz III/29 (1957)
$25,000 or best offer

Great: Quintadena 16, Principal 8, Gedackt 8, Octave 4, Spitzflöte 4, Superoctave 2, Mixtur IV, Trumpet 8

Swell: Flute a cheminee 8, Gambe 8, Gedacht flöte 4, Nazard 2 2/3, Blockflöte 2, Tierce 1 3/5, Fagott 8

Positiv: Copula 8, Rohrflöte 4, Principal 2, Cymbal II, Cromorne 8

Pedal: Principal 16, Quintadena 16 (GT), Octave 8, Flauto dolce 8, Posaune 16, Schalmey 4

Holtkamp pipes

Holtkamp Practice Instrument Remodeled in 2009

View photos of this instrument in its new adoptive home.

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