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1965 M.P. Möller "Artiste" 2 manuals and pedal, 4 ranks

This very affordable and excellent condition pipe organ is for sale and would be a nice addition for a small or medium sized congregation, intimate concert hall or even a personal residence. Buyer is responsible for the costs of moving the instrument. If interested, please submit your bids to .

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1988 Von Beckerath Studio Organ

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1988 Von Beckerath Studio Organ - 22 ranks

A virtuoso's choice, also suitable for a small to medium sized congregation's hymn accompaniment. A fine example of german craftsmanship matched with tonal character to please the ears and the heart. A classic visual and aural gem that is sure to pique interest for decades. The last insurance replacement value of this instrument is over $500K. The seller seeks serious bids for this well maintained asset and is asking for an unbeatable price of $50,000 or best offer. Buyer is responsible for the costs of moving the instrument. if interested, please submit your bids to .

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Listen to Beckerath Hymn Demo (1:12)


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1940 Wicks Two Manual and Pedal Pipe Organ

Is your membership longing for traditional fine music to accompany their worship? Here is an instrument suited for a small congregation that won't put a hole in its coffers. Located in Iowa this is a classic Wicks Unit Pipe Organ.

The pipes and mechanical components are in good condition. It's wiring does need some tender loving care, easily provided by a team of volunteer members and "can doers" at your church with some research and guidance by a professional. It is also a good candidate for a home practice instrument. The seller seeks $10-$12K as is or best offer and is willing to negotiate.

Please place a bid with or call us at 440-775-4111 with your offer. Email or phone bids are not binding until a formal agreement is signed.

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1973 Schantz Two manual Church Pipe Organ

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1973 Schantz Two manual Church Pipe Organ

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If interested, please contact .

1985 Two Manual Schantz Pipe Organ Practice Instrument

1985 Two Manual Schantz Pipe Organ (Practice Instrument)

Well maintained and in excellent condition. Owners seeking a worthy home for this fine practice instrument. These don't come on the market often, so place your offer today with .

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Listen to 1985 Schantz Organ Demo (1:23)

1967 M.P Moller Artiste

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1967 M.P Moller Artiste (10 Ranks)

A classic All American unit action "double artiste" pipe organ, that has served a small Ohio congregation very well. Organ is playable. Leatherwork, pipe work, electro-mechanics, blower in good condition. Pouches, magnets and bellows are all operational. Includes 21 note Deagan Chimes and a Meidinger Blower Motor (115 volts 7 amps). Swell and Great are both under expression. One that will easily fit with stock, Oak or Mahogany casework from a different instrument. The existing framework is designed such that each Expression box can be separated easily, with minimal redesign. The organ can be split into two chambers that may be positioned on two sides of an altar. Moller Artiste's are desirable for their wider selections of stops unlike stock instruments of other builders (i.e. Hook &Hastings, Kilgen, Wicks, Reuter,Skinners ) of the same vintage. Convenient design to fit into a residence, a chapel or a church. Church is seeking $10,000 or best offer. Place an offer today and enhance your liturgical accompaniment!

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Bryan Recital Hall organ

Bowling Green State University Organ Brokerage

The four pipe organs shown below are currently available for sale from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. Contact us at to schedule a showing.

Schantz III/29 (1957)
$25,000 or best offer

Great: Quintadena 16, Principal 8, Gedackt 8, Octave 4, Spitzflöte 4, Superoctave 2, Mixtur IV, Trumpet 8

Swell: Flute a cheminee 8, Gambe 8, Gedacht flöte 4, Nazard 2 2/3, Blockflöte 2, Tierce 1 3/5, Fagott 8

Positiv: Copula 8, Rohrflöte 4, Principal 2, Cymbal II, Cromorne 8

Pedal: Principal 16, Quintadena 16 (GT), Octave 8, Flauto dolce 8, Posaune 16, Schalmey 4

Holtkamp pipes

Holtkamp Practice Instrument Remodeled in 2009

View photos of this instrument in its new adoptive home.

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All offers must be made in writing, via e-mail to